About Me

Hi there, I am Sharyn.

I would like to thank you for visiting my little online happy space.

I am a serious NERD, coffee addict (and probably a coffee snob), cheesecake hooverer, pretend champagne connoisseur, messy hair, girl in a dress or skirt, mother to a lion, beach bum, sea is in my veins, sunrise and sunset chaser, adventure seeking and most AWKWARD person you will ever meet.

Right, so now that we got that out of the way and you still reading well here we go.

I live in the most beautiful little town of Plettenberg Bay, along the picturesque Garden Route in South Africa with my best and most loyal canine friend, Dani. I have lived here for 20 years and every day I fall more and more in love with my hometown and surroundings. The beach is my backyard and when things get a bit crazy I head to the mountains.

My family and friends play a HUGE part in my daily life and I would never be where I am today without their fierce, loyal and unwavering support of Sharyn Hodges. They were there when I played around with the “idea” of becoming a “professional” photographer and they are still there, my success is their success.

Photography is more than just hitting the shutter and hoping something amazing will be on the other side. It’s about anticipating a moment before it even happened, its about the emotions that images evoke for generations to come, be it laughter, tears or nostalgia. The best way to describe my photography style would be defining it as a documentary. Delivering a collection of memories that you and your loved ones will treasure for a lifetime.

You spend a lot of time with your photographer on your wedding day, which is why it is so vital that we get along and that we feel comfortable around each other.  It’s important for me to get to know my couples and to understand their journey and what’s important for them.  The chances of me rocking up with a cappuccino to your wedding day is a high probability, my relaxed, easy going nature, I do believe helps to relax people, which means that I get to photograph the REAL you, naturally. I create memories, not models.

My passion for photography has led me throughout Southern Africa and various other destinations. The adventure of a Wedding Venue somewhere far away is as much of an adventure for me as it is for you. I am happy to travel to help capture those memories and be your plus one on your special day.

I do believe that I go above and beyond for my couples, not only delivering photography that moves and brings joy to people, but doing it in a manner that makes the process simple and keeping the lines of communication open throughout, giving you peace and mind during each stage.

I haven’t been to photography school, I am proudly self-taught and I believe that my “eye” for photography is unique and untrained, leading to endless possibilities. I don’t have 100’s of photography awards, my reward is the 1000’s of emails and voice notes that I have received. My couples, families and clients are all part of this incredible journey that I am lucky to be on. You all are my AWARDS.

For me it is about enjoying the journey and I would love to be a part of yours capturing those memories that will last a lifetime. If you like what you have read, it would be awesome to hear from you!


Brand Partnerships


LG South Africa | LG G4

LG Mobile: Keeping me in the loop with the latest LG Phones. Always awesome testing the new cameras and pushing them to do things I never thought would be possible on a mobile phone.

Kenko Global

Kenko Global: For my amazing Kenko Filters that never seem to disappoint! I never thought it was possible to take over a minute long exposure in the middle of the day!

MVMT Watches

MVMT Watches: In my industry, keeping time is very important. Its frowned upon taking out your mobile phone, even if you are just checking the time. So thank you so much for making me look professional!


Happy Socks

Happy Socks: One of my favourite fashion accessories is Socks and collaborating with Happy Socks was such a pleasure in more ways than one. Thank you Happy Socks for keeping my toes trendy!


Manfrotto Bags:  I was extremely spoilt by Manfrotto, they sent me two of their newly launched National Geographic Rainforest Bags to take on adventures and put the bags to the test. They passed with flying colours!  I absolutely love my Manfrotto Bags.  To read about the bags, follow the link.

JORD Wooden Watches

JORD Wooden Watches approached me for a possible colloboration and I literally jumped for joy! These watches fit my eco and natural look perfectly. I did a blog review about this beautiful time piece.  Thank you JORD.