Destination Photographer

Planning a Destination Wedding and need a photographer?

I have created special moments with couples all over South Africa the next stop for me is to take my documentary and unobtrusive style beyond the borders of South Africa.

Often couples choose a destination photographer that will capture their vision of the wedding day because they have fallen in love with that photographers style.

Whether you plan a “normal wedding” or a “destination wedding” the basis remains the same, YOU ARE PLANNING A WEDDING.

My approach and constant communication with the bridal couple doesn’t change. The work that you have put into the planning of your destination wedding, will only be completed once the venue and magnificent backdrops are found, that is where I am come in. I will arrive one or two days before your wedding to ensure that I have found the perfection locations with the help of social media (Instagram is amazing) and using local knowledge.

I often said that a Wedding Photographer should be your FIRST wedding purchase, after all the food has been eaten, the drinks are finished, the venue is a skeleton of what it was on your day, the flowers are compost. Then there is your wedding photographer, who has captured everything and as you wait with anticipation to see moments that happened without your knowledge.

There has to be as I call it… “comfortable chemistry” between us, I want you to forget that I am there, I get to know your family, understand the family relationships and capturing moments that are fleeting and anticipating moments that have not happened, but I know with my years of experience that it will.

This is what a GREAT wedding photographer does.

I would love to be part of your journey, please drop me an email if you would like to consider me to be part of your destination wedding.

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