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NOVEMBER 18, 2021


Weddings by Marius


Donna Taylor



American Invasion

Too many superlatives to explain not only this day, but these two beautiful humans.

I met with Whitney and Donovan a couple of days prior to their wedding day at Pezula (a first for me) and immediately I was like, this is going to be a BANGER! Whitney, an American beauty queen and Donovan, a Knysna local (they reside now in Charlotte, North Carolina), they were so easy-going and relaxed, exactly my “type of couple”. I asked about the “couple shoot” and we chatted about shooting around Pezula, but as we were about to leave, I said: “How adventurous are you?” and then I suggested Knysna Heads for their couple shoot and BOOM it was a WINNER!

Come 6th November 2021, a relatively easy morning, I left for the wedding and as I approached “Nekkies” the road was closed, imagine my panic! I have never been late for a shoot, never mind a WEDDING. PANIC set in like I can’t even explain, I dropped the entire swear word vocabulary and some more.

Luckily for me, June, my amazing second, was coming from George and she kicked ass. Whilst I was stressing, June, I know I have said thank you a 100 times, but here goes 101 time, THANK YOU!

I have never seen a more beautiful wedding dress, my shattered nerves, blush pink and layers for the WIN! I love accents, and I was surrounded by “Southern” American and good old South African, I freakin loved it!

I lOVE these small weddings, you just feel so much more LOVE, this day had it all. Tears, jokes, tequila shots, tight suits, a late photographer, a stressed second, perfect cloudy conditions, the Knysna Heads, awesome accents, great food, GREAT people, epic confetti moments, a wet bridal couple (because they wanted the shot), the funniest MC ever, a stunning first dance and a love story that will continue for many many years!

“You know when you have found your prince because you not only have a smile on your face, but in your heart as well – Unknown”

Second Photographer: June Richards Photography

Venue: Pezula

Wedding Co-ordinator: Weddings by Marius

Wedding Dress:

Bride’s Make Up: Donna Taylor

Bride’s Hair: Donna Taylor

Styling & Floral: EcoZest

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