Jess & Lara | Elopement | Robberg Nature Reserve

NOVEMBER 10, 2020



Wilna Allpass – Professional Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist



Love is LOVE!

The 4th of November 2020 will probably be a date I won’t forget in a long time. I shall drink a drink on this day for as long as I am on this earth!

I really can’t describe this AMAZING ADVENTURE ELOPEMENT on what I always said was MY Robberg Nature Reserve. I really have no words. I only have pieces of memories captured for you all.

Jess and Lara, THANK you for sharing this most precious day in your lives with us, from the tears, the coin toss, the readings, those dresses, the most amazing vows I have EVER heard, the boutiques, the dune running, Jess’s ability to fall on soft sand, climbing rock faces, laughing, the sunset, those blocks of cheeses, the champagne and the hike back in the dark. I would do it over and over and over again.

Oh wait we did, the next day at Emily Moon they did their make up, got their dresses back on and we headed down to the lagoon, got in the kayak, danced on the deck, laughed at Jess’s attempt at opening a bottle of champagne and doubled over when Lara took over (that face! LOL!), screaming bangers from the bush and we did a little trash the dresses when they got in the water (I would never get in that dark water, thank you very much), smoke bombed our way past sunset and got bitten by mosquitos.

Ladies, you two have been nothing but laughs and a true inspiration of what LOVE is!

Bring on the 6th February 2021, when we get to do this ALL OVER AGAIN!!

I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow – Leo Christopher

Second Photographer: Kate Maclean

Ceremony: Robberg Nature Reserve

Couple Shoot Location: Emily Moon River Lodge

Videography:Explore More Creative Collection

Wedding Dresses: Sadie Bosworth Atelier

Jeweller: Anna Rosholt

Make-up & Hair: Wilna Allpass – Professional Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist

Marriage Officiator: Weddings Without Boundaries

Florist: Ecozest

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